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Interesting Case
Red Tailed Hawk -

This red tailed hawk is a young male, which hatched this spring. He was seen injured alongside the road just outside of Meridian, and unable to fly. Dr. John Lee, who used to work at and was a previous owner of the Meridian Veterinary Hospital, rescued the bird and brought him into the hospital for further treatment and rehabilitation. He had received a wound on the back of his left wing, but fortunately had not suffered any broken bones or apparent internal injuries. He was very emaciated when first examined, and readily ate the meat that we offered to him. The wound was cleaned and treated, and then he was hospitalized for a week as we continued wound therapy. During that time we were able to continue to feed him while he gained his strength back. At the time this picture was taken, he was being released back to Dr. Lee, who was going to continue the rehabilitation process which would allow him to start some restricted flying until he was strong enough to fly and manage on his own. At that time he would be released back to the same area where he was first rescued.