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    Dental cleaning and oral surgery

    Dentistry is just as important in our furry friends as it is in people. Good dental hygiene, like brushing your petís teeth daily is recommended. Despite our best efforts at brushing our dogís or catís teeth tartar and gingivitis may still develop. Just like it is recommended people go to the dentist yearly to twice a year for dental check-ups and routine cleaning your veterinarian may recommend routine cleaning for your pet. Some pets need dental more frequently than others and it will be up to your veterinarian to determine the health of your petís mouth and discuss a proper dental plan.

    Just like in human dentistry your petís teeth will be scaled and polished. The gums are checked for pockets, and a thorough oral exam is performed.
    Our veterinarians offer oral surgery in both dogs and cats. If dental tartar is significant it can start to destroy gum tissue and bone. Often times this will be noticed when the patient is under anesthesia because this is the best and most thorough way to perform an oral examination. When dental disease has progressed and teeth and gums become infected, a more aggressive approach may be necessary. Removing the source of infection is often the best approach, which usually means extracting the diseased tooth or teeth.