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    Cheat grass removal

    Cheat grass is considered a noxious weed in this area of the world. It is commonly seen in the summer and fall months. Cheat grass has small barbs which allows it to easily work its way into fur and skin. This becomes quite a problem in our furry friends! It is not uncommon to find cheat grass between toes, in ears and eyes, between teeth, in the nasal passage, or vulva. Once the cheat grass works its way into the skin it can cause a localized infection which is painful to the pet. The foreign plant material can migrate under the skin causing further trauma. It is important to check your petís skin and haircoat regularly during these months as well as monitoring for sneezing, painful eyes, or shaking of the head. If the cheat grass migrates under the skin, we can retrieve them, but sometimes anesthesia is required.