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Please learn more about the veterinary services that we offer by reading the descriptions in the drop-downs below.

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We strongly encourage you to regularly visit so that we can perform routine wellness exams. This is a crucial component of preventative care, which can help to ensure a long and happy life for your pet. Our thorough wellness exams can help to prevent serious issues such as heart diseases, diabetes, dental issues, arthritis and more. If you haven’t visited us recently, we encourage you to call to schedule your next appointment today!

Your pet’s dental health can be an incredibly important indicator of overall health and wellness. We recommend regularly brushing your pet’s teeth and offering proper dental chews to ensure improved dental hygiene while at home. A dental examination will be performed as part of every general wellness exam. This will allow us to identify any dental problems that need to be addressed for the overall health of your pet. Along with performing routine dental procedures, we are also equipped to perform digital dental X-rays and surgical extractions when needed.

Our veterinarians understand that pets have different exposure and risk levels based on age, environment, travel history, and so forth. To ensure adequate protection without over-vaccinating, we will assess and determine the best vaccination protocol for your pet. This may change over the life of your pet as factors and needs change.

As an important component of our comprehensive diagnostic services, we also offer ultrasound, which is a non-invasive imaging modality that allows our veterinarians to visualize internal organs and structures. Ultrasound enables us to image soft tissue structures in a way that radiographs (X-ray) don’t. It can often be done with little or no sedation.

By maintaining an in-house laboratory, we are able to run a large quantity of tests and analysis directly on location, reducing turnaround time that would be required when we have to ship samples for further analysis. In cases where more extensive testing is required, we have access to outside laboratory services. Our comprehensive in-house laboratory is just one benefit we’re happy to provide to pet owners who choose our animal hospital as their pet care destination of choice.

Through the use of personalized pain management, advanced anesthetic protocols and state of the art monitoring during every surgical procedure, our veterinary team can provide the safest and most successful surgery procedures possible. Soft tissue surgeries range from spays and neuters, to tumor resection, abdominal exploratory, among others. The same level of care, sterile environment and anesthetic care is used on the most minor to the most advanced procedures. No surgical procedure is minimized on the level of importance and we take every procedure seriously.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our soft-tissue surgical procedures, please call us at (208) 888-3444.

In specific cases, we may recommend orthopedic surgery to improve the health and comfort of you pet. If your pet is experiencing acute issues related to their bones, joints, ligaments, or tendons, surgery may be required to correct these issues. Through the use of personalized pain management, advanced anesthetic protocols and state of the art monitoring during every surgical procedure, we can provide the safest and most successful veterinary surgery procedures possible.

High-definition X-rays can serve as a crucial diagnostic tool for accurate diagnosis before performing surgeries and procedures, especially when other diagnostic services aren’t sufficient. In cases where a physical examination, blood tests or urinalysis are only a piece of the puzzle, digital X-rays can often provide a boost by giving increased diagnostic insights into the overall health of your pet.

Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is a modern and innovative advancement in veterinary science that we’re extremely proud to offer. This laser therapy delivers deep photonic energy to your pet, assisting with rapid tissue repair, reducing inflammation and decreasing pain. This is a quickly growing area of advanced veterinary medicine that can dramatically improve the health and comfort of your pet!

Since thousands of pets are tragically lost or stolen each year, we’ve partnered with HomeAgain to offer accessible and affordable microchipping services. Microchipping allows your pet to be registered in a national database, after they are implanted with a tiny chip smaller than a grain of rice. If your pet ever gets loose, runs away or is missing for any reason, we can work with the national database to rapidly locate and recover your pet. For both new pet owners and those who are interested in ensuring the long-term health of their pet, we highly recommend this service.

Our animal hospital offers a full in-house veterinary pharmacy to meet your pet’s prescription needs. Rapid approval and availability to your pet’s medications are tremendous benefits. You can also shop through VetSource, our online pet pharmacy. Utilizing our online store also gives you the reassurance of our assistance if any orders are incorrect.

Some pets can hide their symptoms surprisingly well, especially cats, and actually suffer from chronic pain. If this is the case, it can dramatically reduce the quality of life experienced by your pet. If you notice limping, hindered mobility or persistent discomfort, please let our veterinarians know. During your visit, we’ll take a personalized approach to managing your pet’s pain, implementing proven multi-modal solutions that will work best for your pet’s overall health, taking their life stage and lifestyle into direct account.

End-of-life care is never an easy discussion to have, but we’ve found that adequate preparation can allow for a pet’s end-of-life stages to be as comfortable and gentle as possible. If your pet is nearing the end of their life, we invite you to ask us about our euthanasia, cremation and hospice services, which are all designed to make this process as comfortable for your pet as possible.

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